Robo Calls & Robo Polls

Our robo calls are delivered on time, every time. We can usually put your calls up the same day as long as the recording and list are ready.

What Are Robo Calls?

  • Voice broadcasts for absentee ballots
  • Robo calls build crowds at campaign events
  • Political calls to increase name ID
  • Automated calling to let voters know about your web site
  • Use voice broadcasts to send last minute instructions to voters

What Are Robo Polls?

  • Press 1 robo calls to evaluate your campaign’s progress
  • Voice broadcasts that can ask voters if they want a yard sign
  • Automated calling that can ID likely voters and their issues
  • Political calls that can generate positive IDs for your campaign
  • Robo polls are just pennies per call

Premiere Political robo calls use the latest in automated calling technology to deliver your political calls as fast and easy as possible. These voice broadcasts have the capacity to reach voters that elude your volunteers. When you place your political calls with Premiere Political, you will get the personal attention you need to get your robo calls completed on time and on budget.

Robo polls (press 1 calls) from Premiere Political use the same automated calling technology as robo calls. The IVR response from the voter enables your campaign to maximize the value of your political calls. Robo polls are voice broadcasts with a twist. They let your voters communicate with as right as you are robo calling them.