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It's easy to do automated calling with
Step 1
Record a message using our toll-free system

or send us your own voice recording.
Step 2
Send us your phone list in a spreadsheet

or buy a voter list from Premiere Political.
Step 3
Provide us with a caller ID number that

will appear on the voter's phone.
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Are you looking to create effective political calls?

Then robo calls from Premiere Political are just for you!

What are robo calls? They are voice broadcasts that enhance campaign targeting through an automated calling system. Robo calls can be scheduled to remind voters to vote early or absentee, build crowds for events, ask voters to visit your web site and inform constituents of last-minute voting instructions. Most importantly, you will exponentially increase your candidate’s name ID.

Premiere Political can help you reach your goals with its automated calling system. Our political calls are easy to order and we provide customer service that is second to none. Do you want to see red, white, and blue confetti shower over you as you announce victory to an ecstatic crowd? Then let Premiere Political conduct robo calls for you now!